Listen to Your Inner Voice

We all have an inner voice constantly giving us guidance and direction. The problem is, we don't always heed it's counsel. Lately I've been becoming aware of how accurate my inner voice is, and how when I don't heed it's warning, the outcome is never what I had designed in my mind.So I offer you this exercise: start listening to your inner voice and do what it suggests. Note the outcome of following it's advice. As importantly, notice what happens when the inner voice says to do one thing and you do another.I think you'll find the results of this little exercise interesting & surprising. KB

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We're all Interconnected

Today during my morning meditation, the inner voice pointed out that we are all interconnected with each other and to all the elements of the world, universe, solar system. That would include the song birds and the green trees, the warm sunshine and the azure blue sky. And to one another. It became crystal clear to me at that moment this morning that it's not about us as individuals and our individual needs, it's about our part, or role in an inter-connected society of other beings. It's not about how events affect us individually, it's about how events affects others and the web of connectedness we share with one another. It's about working together in a spirit of cooperation with one another, both on an individual, societal…

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Clearing a Path for Lakshmi:Hindu goddess of Wealth, Abundance and Fertility

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, abundance and fertility. Indian homes and businesses all have images of Lakshmi visible. Indian women begin the day by sweeping the front entrance way of dirt and debris that will hinder Lakshmi from entering.I spent the New Year in NYC (my place of residence btwn the years of 1988-1987). I stayed at a colleague's apartment in Washington Heights, a Dominican neighborhood near the Cloisters. Victoria Koos is one of the top 3 acupuncturist's in NYC for fertility. I was there taking care of her cats, Lakshmi & Bodhi (named after the Bodhisattvas). She has a beautiful apartment, feng shui'd and full of sunlight & spiritual energy.Victoria has an interesting library, full of spiritual material. One of her books that i…

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Karin Stephan's Twelve Recipes for Health: Spiritual Tips for the New Year

The following steps for health come from a handout I received in an Iyengar yoga workshop in NYC in 1996. Karin Stephan is a certified Iyengar yoga instructor. I'm sure you'll find that incorporating these tips into your life will bring health and spiritual fulfillment: an auspicious start to the new year."The body is my temple, the asanas are my prayers" BKS Iyengar"Beauty is where the self is not" KrishnamurtiI. Have a daily spiritual practice with a physical foundation:Have a daily spiritual practice of some kind which makes you fell better physically. Some practices which directly affect the physical body are yoga, meditation, walking etc.I do yoga, meditation, and affirmations daily, morning or evening, regularly including pranayama, or yoga deep-breathing exercises. I begin my day, and often…

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