Case Study: Trigeminal Neuralagia & Sinusitis

Chief Complaint: Female age 63 presented with trigeminal neuralgia facial pain, worse with chronic sinusitis. Onset 7y ago. Worse in winter due to sinusitis: inflammation presses on trigeminal nerve, triggering pain. Swelling of right eye, center of lower eyelid. Frequent associated headaches.Other symptoms: Celiac disease, food allergies which seem to trigger facial pain. Pain begins 20 minutes after eating offending foods: wheat products or anything with mold. Perennial allergies: onset birth – breast milk: red eyes, sneezing, nasal and sinus congestion. Shortness of breath. Fatigue, bruises easily, heavy limbs, weak muscles. Hypothyroid, diagnosed 47y earlier. RLS: .5mg Clonozepem nightly.Pain: Described as electric, stabbing, shocking sensation. Over a 5y period, progressed from mild pain to severe pain. Aggravated with pressure applied to the affected area. Headache dull ache,…

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Allergy & Sinusitis Talk 7p March 13th Malaprops

Are you perpetually tormented by itchy, watery eyes and runny nose during the spring & fall?  Do you suffer from headaches and sinus pain?  Is your breathing impaired from chronic sinus congestion?  Are you tired of pills, shots and inhalers which may temporarily suppress symptoms but do not solve the problem?  Would you like a different approach? Consider Chinese medicine. Kath Bartlett, Licensed Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Herbalist will discuss how acupuncture and Chinese herbs bring lasting sinus & allergy reliefTuesday, March 13th, 7p at Malaprops. Discover how Chinese medicine relieves symptoms in the short-term while building immune function for a long-term solution. Learn how anti-bacterial herbs treat sinus infections causing post nasal drip and chronic congestion. See real patients receive instant pain relief during an acupuncture demonstration. During this 45min…

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Inspiration for Overcoming Depression & Adversity

Depression is not an easy emotion to manage, as the millions of Prozac, Wellbutrin and other household-word drugs attest. It is as individual a disease as the person experiencing the painful mind-state, hence a myriad of treatments, some effective, some not so.Chinese medicine is effective in treating depression. I have helped many patients find there way to happy thoughts and feelings using acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas which calm the mind and treat the TCM patterns (Traditional Chinese Medicine) causing the imbalance in the body & mind.Today I'd like to discuss how to shape your frame of mind to see the upside of your life rather than focusing on the negatives. And i do not mean to over-simplify or diminish true problems that may be arising. the…

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