Studies Confirm Acupuncture is Effective in Treating Chronic Bowel Problems

Patients come to me with a wide variety of conditions: pain, gyn issues, allergies/sinusitis, cancer, MS, Lyme disease, Parkinson's disease, Bell's Palsy, TMJ, hypertension, and so on. None of these are fun to have. Bowel problems, particularly IBS & Chrohn's can make daily living tricky. The wonderful news is all of these conditions, and more, respond well to Chinese medicine.A 2004 German study recently came to my attention, demonstrating positive effects of acupuncture on treating Chrohn's disease. In this study acupuncture patients were compared to a control group. Both groups were needled, but in the acupuncture group known acupuncture points were used where as the control group were needled in places not thought to be acupuncture points. Patients received 10 acupuncture (or sham) treatments (considered one course…

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Kidney Stone Flush, Colon & Parasite Cleanse/Flush

Here are 3 more cleanse/flushes for kidney stones, parasites and the colon. In Chinese medicine cleanses/flushes utilizes the purging technique in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbology. Purges are only to be used for robust patients with excess conditions, and are contra-indicated for deficiency (fatigue, pale complexion and other signs). Please consult with a TCM practitioner prior to commencing a flush/cleanse to be certain it is an appropriate technique to use with your constitution. See comments about this issue included with the comments about the liver cleanse in the previous post. KB KIDNEY CLEANSE ¼ cup dried Hydrangea root ¼ cup Gravel root ¼ cup Marshmallow root Black cherry concentrate 4 bunches of fresh parsley Goldenrod capsules or herb Vegetable glycerine Ginger capsules Uva Ursi capsules Vitamin B…

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