Case Study: Acute Back Pain Resolved in 2 Acupuncture Treatments

A gentleman (43y) came in to my office a couple of weeks ago complaining of acute lower back (lumbar) pain which radiated down the lateral side (outside) of the left leg (I/T band). He described stabbing pain, level 8 (1-10 scale). This had happened a year ago. After an acupuncture treatment from a colleague the pain resolved until this recent episode. Discussion of Back Pain Acupuncture TreatmentI used balance method acupuncture points in his right hand. The pain reduced immediately upon insertion of the needles. While he rested with the needles in place, I made up a custom herbal formula to circulate blood. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory, stabbing pain is due to blood stagnation, or poor blood circulation in the area. In western medicine, the radiating…

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Study Shows Acupuncture More Effective for TMJ Than Physical Therapy or Drugs

The spring, 2010, issue of the Journal of Orofacial Pain included a review of studies on the effectiveness of acupuncture for treating TMJ. The study concluded that acupuncture is more effective than physical therapy and medication in treating this disorder, and recommends more larger trials. The review also noted the absence of serious side effects in the acupuncture patients.Here's a video showing a normal temporomandibular joint (hence TMJ)Here's a video of a displaced TMJ that is clicking when it's opening.This video shows a TMJ disc with a thin attatchment.I seen pleasing results with acupuncture in treating TMJ and other facial pain. I've used both standard TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) style of acupuncture, which is most commonly taught in the colleges and being used today, and Dr. Tan's…

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Duke University Says Acupuncture Better than Asprin for Headaches

Duke University reviewed 31 studies to access the effects of acupuncture compared to drugs for the treatment of headache. The researchers found acupuncture is more effective (62%) than medications (45%). Findings were published in Anesthesia & Analgesia.I practice Dr. Tan's Balance Method of acupuncture. Using this method, I expect to dramatically reduce pain on the first visit. Acupuncture is a therapy and a series of treatments is required. The number of treatments needed varies, depending on the individual, and whether the condition is acute or chronic. A course of treatment is 10-12 visits, and generally that is needed to treat a sub-acute condition. Chronic conditions take longer to treat.All types of pain, including headache respond remarkably well to acupuncture. It is a shame more people are not…

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Dr. Oz: Why He Likes Acupuncture

Dr. Oz is an ardent supporter of acupuncture, and is frequently at the microphone touting the benefits of Chinese medicine and demystifying acupuncture. Here's a short piece Dr.Oz wrote for the Houston Chronicle citing studies that demonstrate acupuncture's benefits for insomnia, pain relief, and mitigating the side effects of chemo and radiation treatment for cancer patients.Here Dr. Oz answers the question, "Does acupuncture really work?" He recommends it especially for pain and fibromyalgia. KB

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Chinese Medicine Helps Cancer Patients

Chemotherapy and radiation are treatments of last resort, but for those with cancer these standard western medical treatments may seem to be the only options. Because western medicine does not have a way to target only the cancer cells, both treatment kill off all cells in the attempt to kill the cancer cells. Chemo side effects include nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite, due to the killing of cells in the G/I tract, hair loss (hair follicles cells affected) anemia and blood cell problems due to damage to blood cells and the immune system, and hot flashes. Radiation causes burns to the affected area and dry mouth and throat.Chinese medicine is effective in alleviating these side affects of chemo/radiation therapies, decreases pain caused by tumors, increases immune…

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Pregnancy: Be in Peak Performance Condition

A dear friend in San Diego is getting close to birthing. The baby's breech right now and she was looking for options to turn the position. I told her about a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) procedure where we do something called moxa on an acupuncture point on the pinky toe to turn the baby. It must be down by week 37 or the baby gets too large to turn. She went to an acupuncturist in her area to have the procedure done, and got a couple sticks of moxa so she could continue doing it at home.I got to thinking how she only has a few weeks left of freedom and rest. So I advised her to take advantage of that, go out at the spur of…

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Getting Through the End of the School Year Stress

The SlowFamilyOnline blog on wordpress is written by a sorority sister of mine from UCLA, Suz Sachs-Lipman. Like many college friends, we live in different states and have gotten out of touch. However a few years back we have reconnected, and I have learned a lot about the woman Suz has become through her blog.A while back, she and her family decided to get off the rat wheel and slow down. She's been chronicling the journey on her blog. A professional writer, her blog is interesting, well written and fun.This week's post discusses ways parents can slow down during the end of the school year and enjoy the process, rather than being so stressed. I believe her suggestions will benefit her many readers, and i encourage you…

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Studies Confirm Acupuncture is Effective in Treating Chronic Bowel Problems

Patients come to me with a wide variety of conditions: pain, gyn issues, allergies/sinusitis, cancer, MS, Lyme disease, Parkinson's disease, Bell's Palsy, TMJ, hypertension, and so on. None of these are fun to have. Bowel problems, particularly IBS & Chrohn's can make daily living tricky. The wonderful news is all of these conditions, and more, respond well to Chinese medicine.A 2004 German study recently came to my attention, demonstrating positive effects of acupuncture on treating Chrohn's disease. In this study acupuncture patients were compared to a control group. Both groups were needled, but in the acupuncture group known acupuncture points were used where as the control group were needled in places not thought to be acupuncture points. Patients received 10 acupuncture (or sham) treatments (considered one course…

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Cholesterol: Sugar Raises It, Nuts Lower It, Chinese Medicine Treats It

Most associate cholesterol with a high fat diet. Increased consumption of sugary soft drinks combined with more sedentary lifestyle (sitting in front of computers & electronic devices) have caused the rise in obesity seen since the 1970's. The NY Times reports in Vital Signs that sugar and soft drinks also account for high cholesterol.A recent study (funded by the nut industry, but confirmed by results in other independent studies) found that eating nuts lowers cholesterol.In the NY Times Vital Signs column, Roni Caryn Rabin reports: “Nuts are rich in unsaturated fats, and that is a main driver in lowering cholesterol,” said the lead author, Dr. Joan Sabaté, a professor of nutrition at the School of Public Health at Loma Linda University in California. “They are the richest…

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