Fox News Interviews Kath Bartlett, MS, LAc About Allergy Treatment

“Do you ever google yourself?” I was asked last week. “It’s been a long time”, I replied. “Mostly professional stuff comes up: my website, blog, articles I’ve written and so on”.

With this conversation in mind, i put my name in the search box, and hit enter. The expected hits came up. As I scrolled through them I came across an interview I did with Fox News several years ago for an article on allergy treatment using Chinese Medicine. I believe the article was (at least in part) ghostwritten. Manny Alvarez was given the byline, but it was a woman who interviewed me that spring morning.

This is a thoughtfully written article first explaining some basics about TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory and terminology, then going into the the interview with me about allergy treatment using Chinese Medicine, followed by a 2004 study on TCM treatment of allergies published in Allergy Magazine. KB

Fox News Allergy Interview with Kath Bartlett, LAc