Kidney Stone Flush, Colon & Parasite Cleanse/Flush

Here are 3 more cleanse/flushes for kidney stones, parasites and the colon. In Chinese medicine cleanses/flushes utilizes the purging technique in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbology. Purges are only to be used for robust patients with excess conditions, and are contra-indicated for deficiency (fatigue, pale complexion and other signs). Please consult with a TCM practitioner prior to commencing a flush/cleanse to be certain it is an appropriate technique to use with your constitution. See comments about this issue included with the comments about the liver cleanse in the previous post. KB


¼ cup dried Hydrangea root

¼ cup Gravel root

¼ cup Marshmallow root

Black cherry concentrate

4 bunches of fresh parsley

Goldenrod capsules or herb

Vegetable glycerine

Ginger capsules

Uva Ursi capsules

Vitamin B complex ( brewer’s yeast tablets)

Magnesium oxide tablets (300 mg)

2 clean glass jars with lids


Soak the roots in 10 cups of clean cold water in a glass container overnight.

Add black cherry concentrate, heat to boiling and simmer for 20 minutes. Cool.

Pour the remainder through a bamboo or glass strainer into a glass jar and refrigerate.

Rinse fresh parsley, then boil in 1 quart of water for ten minutes. Cool. Discard

parsley and refrigerate liquid.

Each morning, pour together ¾ cup of the root mixture and ½ cup parsley water.

Add 20 drops of goldenrod tincture and 1 tablespoon of vegetable glycerin. Keep cold,

and drink in ¼ cup doses throughout the day.

Take one ginger capsule with each meal ( 3 per day ).

Take one Uva Ursi capsule at breakfast and two at supper.

Take one brewer’s yeast tablet daily.

Take 300 mg magnesium oxide daily.

Ask at your local natural food store about sourcing the roots mentioned. In Asheville the French Broad Food Co-op has a large herbal department. KB


Recently, there has been a growing awareness about the importance of cleansing our bodies of wastes. The colon carries a heavy load of toxins in many people due to improper diet. Cleaning the colon is of paramount importance. However, there may be other treatments required as well, namely a parasite cleanse.

There are over 150 diseases that are related to parasite infestations. In Third World countries, it is customary to cleanse the body of parasites twice a year. Most Westerners have forgotten that their own ancestors used to do this as well, until reminded by the recent books of Dr. Hulda Clark. Many people who travel abroad come back sick, often carrying parasites, which are spread unknowingly to friends and family. In addition, parasites are often contracted from family pets.

Signs of parasitic infestation usually appear when parasites are abundant and actively growing in the body. There may be a yellowish cast to the face; fast heartbeat; chest pain; pain in the navel; loss of appetite; blurry vision; pain in the back, thighs, or shoulders; itchy rectum; unclear thinking; forgetfulness; lethargy; slow reflexes; gas and bloating; numb hands; burning sensation in the hands; dryness of the lips; or grinding of teeth at night. However, there can be a lower grade parasite infestation without any overt symptoms.

To kill the parasites of whatever variety, it is necessary to consume a product containing wormwood, the green hulls of black walnut, and cloves. These come packaged in capsules in various formulations. Hana Kroeger of Boulder Colorado was the originator of this treatment many years ago, and has proven its effectiveness many thousands of times. In addition, citrucidal, garlic, raw onions and goldenseal are beneficial when dealing with parasites.


Bile from the liver stimulates the colon to contract in a rhythmic sequence, pushing along the digested mass. The colon consists of a series of pouches. If any of the pouches becomes filled with putrefying material, it will absorb toxins along with the water it normally absorbs, and disease will result. If the pouch becomes infected, it is designed to swell outward and produces a little bag called a diverticuli. These can be very painful, and the condition of diverticulitis is quite debilitating.

In addition, the colon can attempt to protect itself by secreting a very heavy mucous lining, which interferes with the absorption process. This can be shed through the action of a good quality colon cleanser, such as Magnesium.

Constipation can result from too little bile entering the intestines, usually because the liver is plugged. Constipation results in the reabsorption of toxins, producing a whole host of problems, up to and including cancer. Commercial laxatives are short-term quick fixes that ultimately cause the colon to lose its muscle tone and be unable to eliminate without help. Ozonated water enemas and herbal laxatives are far preferred, with fiber at the top of the list for maintaining good colon health.

In extreme cases, it is sometimes necessary to have a series of colonics with a trained professional. The best results are obtained with ozonated water.

After the parasite cleanse, the liver cleanse and the colon cleanse, it is advisable to have a series of coffee enemas, every other day for two weeks, to pull further toxins from the liver. Use 4 oz of coffee brewed from fresh beans (Folger’s red can), in one quart of warm water.

It is essential to have a thriving colony of acidophilus and bifidus in order to properly absorb nutrients, and to prevent candida from overgrowing. Humans exist because of a symbiotic relationship with these bacteria, which enable us to absorb our nutrients from the intestine.

For all of these reasons, it is necessary to keep the colon clean and in good operating order.

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  1. Terry

    Very nice post. I just did a parasite cleanse almost 3 months ago. I am going to do another in June. Then I will do a candida cleanse, possibly a liver cleanse and finish off with a really good probiotic.

    I had no idea that I had parasites… I ended up passing round worms, liver flukes, candida and many things I have no clue what they are.

    Feeling so much better but know there are more parasites waiting to be slaughtered.

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