Pregnancy: Be in Peak Performance Condition

A dear friend in San Diego is getting close to birthing. The baby’s breech right now and she was looking for options to turn the position. I told her about a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) procedure where we do something called moxa on an acupuncture point on the pinky toe to turn the baby. It must be down by week 37 or the baby gets too large to turn. She went to an acupuncturist in her area to have the procedure done, and got a couple sticks of moxa so she could continue doing it at home.

I got to thinking how she only has a few weeks left of freedom and rest. So I advised her to take advantage of that, go out at the spur of the moment, and sleep in a lot cause she won’t be able to do that for the next 10-12 years.

Today’s pregnant women are thinking of themselves a bit like athletes: eating well, no alcohol or smoking. but i wonder if they are thinking about getting themselves in peak performance condition for the birthing process and being ready to go sleepless while taking care of a newborn? Pregnancy, birthing and raising a child, particularly a newborn puts much stress on the body, physically, hormonally and emotionally/spiritually. so taking care to keep body, mind & spirit in peak performance ability is especially important for mothers. Even beginning prior to conception.

Chinese medicine sees that for conception to take place:

  • qi (energy) & blood must be exuberant – one cannot be run down, stressed and tired
  • the body must be operating in harmony – no reproductive system problems or Chinese patterns of disharmony can be present
  • one’s mind must be calm

Actually, whenever one is under stress, taking care to keep one’s body, mind & spirit operating at peak level is critical because stress is so damaging to the body’s processes. In order to manage the stress, the body, mind, spirit must be strong. If one is weak and rundown it further weakens the body,mind, spirit’s ability to cope.

So take care of yourself. Eat well, get proper rest, exercise, incorporate stress management techniques and practices such as meditation, tai qi and yoga.

Chinese Medicine is also able to help you stay at peak performance level and to manage stress. TCM treats all 3 levels – body, mind & spirit. TCM works on keeping the body, mind, spirit in balance or harmony. When we are under stress we are in a state of disharmony. Acupuncture and herbs smooth the tension, calm the mind. It hits the reset button. This can be quite valuable during the stressful times we now find ourselves. KB

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