Back Pain Subsides

This patient came to see me after he fell and sprained his lower back during a visit to Asheville from Michigan. He was concerned about sitting in the car for the 2 day drive back. I gave him 2 acupuncture treatments before he left.

Hi Dr. Bartlett,

We made it home yesterday afternoon. We drove approx. 8 hours on Sunday and 5 hours on Monday. And, considering how I felt last week before I saw you, it really went quite well. I think the combination of acupuncture treatments, plus the heated seats in my car, really improved my back. Thanks very much for your help…I’m not sure I could have made it home without the treatments.

This patient also suffered burning pain in his stomach for 2 months prior to seeing me. The pain was constant, despite taking the drug his doctor prescribed. I gave him a Chinese herbal formula and the next day the stomach pain was gone. Five days later he added in his email:

I have finished the Chinese herbs as of this morning. I really think they helped my stomach as well, since I haven’t needed to take any Famotidine since starting the herbs.