Shingles Pain Eliminated

I came to see Dr. Bartlett at Bartlett Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine with some rather significant health issues as well as suffering severe pain from a bout of the Shingles. Dr. Bartlett’s ability as an Acupuncturist is truly amazing. The shingles pain was virtually eliminated immediately during the first minutes of the first treatment. Though some of the pain crept back over the course of the day, subsequent visits were able to relieve the pain for good as well as address the underlying nerve inflammation caused by the shingles virus.

Further Dr. Bartlett was able to put together a mix of Chinese Herbs, which I took over the course of the next several weeks, which helped tremendously in the strengthening and revitalizing of my immune system. This was my first visit ever to an Acupuncturist. It was only because others had recommended her so highly that I even tried it… I’m certainly glad I did! Dr. Bartlett’s professionalism, skill and caring demeanor have played a major role in returning me to pain free good health. Oh, and for you first timers, don’t be afraid of those little-ole needles… they’re so tiny that you can barely even see them – which means that you can barely even feel them.