Flying Dragon Liniment

Original Formula

  • All purpose, General Use Liniment

Relieves all types of muscle & joint pain – acute or chronic: sore back and neck, tight, arthritic pain, injuries and gyn cramping, any chronic pain. Especially when pain improves with heat: heating pad, hot tub, shower or bath.  Relieves sore, achy muscles after physical workouts, gardening, sports and repetitive use activities. Improves flexibility and motility for arthritic pain.

  • Warming, Oil-based Liniment

Circulates Qi & Blood to stop pain. The herbs have a proven track record in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for improving achy pain that worsens with cold or damp, rainy weather

  • Eco-friendly/Green Product

Made with organic oil and many wild-crafted herbs.  Chemical, preservative & sulfite free.  Packaged in a glass bottle.

  • Artisan Oil – Made in USA

Handmade by herbalist in Grass Valley, California with lots of TLC. We began making this liniment in 2002.

Trauma & Chronic Injury Formula

Trauma & Chronic Injury Formula

Formulated for traumatic injury, involving swelling and bruising, including contusions, sprains, and fractures. Also indicated for chronic pain.

  • Improves Qi & Blood circulation to Stop Pain

The herbs have a proven track record in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for healing traumatic injuries and improving pain that is piercing, stabbing, knife-like or tinging.

  • Eco-friendly/Green Product

Made with organic grain alcohol and many wild-crafted herbs.  Chemical, preservative & sulfite free.  Packaged in a glass bottle.

  • Artisan Liniment – Made in USA

Handmade in small batches in Scarborough, Maine, using blessed water. Healing mantras recited during production. Dr. Bartlett began making this liniment in 2008.

“I have used Flying Dragon Liniment for everything from the pain caused from a separated shoulder, to post-workout exercise stiffness, to random bruises and am amazed at how quick effective it is in alleviating pain. It’s pretty much “magic in a bottle”! Plus, it smells GREAT and makes excellent massage oil. I agree it should be a staple in everyone’s medicine cabinet.”

Karen Stryker
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"I love it. It's seldom that I find a product that I like so much that I want to sell it here. I'm glad you make it."

Boulevard Sales, PA
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I would not be caught without it. I call it my WD-40 in a bottle. I would also like to add, that prior to seeking acupuncture and liniment regime, traditional doctors insisted surgery was the only way I could see relief from the back pain. Thus far, I have avoided that plan of treatment. And a bottle does last a long time. I apply as many times as needed on a daily basis (between 2-4 times) and a bottle will last at least 3 months. That is a small investment for such large returns.

Rita Davis-Rice
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I think Flying Dragon Liniment is wonderful and effective. I have been using it to treat peripheral neuropathy in my wife's feet and it has helped restore the warmth and circulation.  It also goes a long way, not requiring a lot of the liniment to be useful. . .  When this bottle is gone I will certainly replace it to keep this useful product always available. Thanks for a great product.  

Mark Balogh, Red Oak, VA
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Kelly has been playing in the “old man’s” baseball league and he’s experiencing significantly less pain than the other guys.  Last game he applied the liniment beforehand and didn’t have to ice down his arm, even after pitching the game!               

Julie Jones, St. Louis, MO
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Flying Dragon liniment has been one of our unique products that we carry here since it is oil based and not alcohol base. Best of all it does what die da jius do without the stink.  

Tom Leung, LAc, CEO Kamwo Herbal Pharmacy
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Flying Dragon Liniment

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To order direct from Bartlett Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine*
10 Bottle minimum
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2 oz bottle: $18.50
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Trauma & Chronic Injury Formula

       10 bottle minimum
5 bottle minimum first order only

1.66 oz bottle    $24.00

*Healthcare Practitioners and retail merchants: please contact us  for wholesale & distributor pricing.  Provide licensure vendor verification information.  Upon verification we will provide trade pricing.