Notification of cancellation or re-scheduling must be received by telephone or text during business hours  on weekdays (Monday through Friday). Acupuncture visits are generally scheduled a week or more in advance.Your appointment time is being held for you. Please give as much notice as is possible when cancelling or re-scheduling visits so that the appointment times may be made available for scheduling other patients.

Be aware: if you do not give 2 full business day’s notice of the appointment time change a $45.00 cancellation fee will be charged. (Must notify by Thursday morning for a Monday cancellation, or Friday morning for a Tuesday cancellation).

Schedule acupuncture treatments prior to other professional or medical appointments.  If an earlier appointment or meeting runs late, causing you to unexpectedly miss your acupuncture visit, this will be considered a same day cancellation and the cancellation fee will be incurred. You will not be charged for true emergencies or illnesses.