Natural Insect Repellents

“Disease cases from tick, mosquito, and fleas tripled in the US from 2004-2016.” According to a study the CDC published in May, 2018: Vectorborne diseases are major causes of death and illness worldwide. In the United States, the most common vectorborne pathogens are transmitted by ticks or mosquitoes, including those causing Lyme disease; Rocky Mountain spotted fever; and West Nile, dengue, and Zika virus diseases. . . A total 642,602 cases were reported. The number of annual reports of tickborne bacterial and protozoan diseases more than doubled during this period, from >22,000 in 2004 to >48,000 in 2016. Lyme disease accounted for 82% of all tickborne disease reports during 2004–2016. The occurrence of mosquitoborne diseases was marked by virus epidemics. This summer we must diligently protect ourselves when…

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I was treated by Kath for an extended illness that had put me out of work for 1.5 yrs. Prior, I had been seen by Infectious Disease, Oncology, Pulmonology, Ortho and General Practitioners. In one month, Kath managed to get me back on my feet, literally, and back to work, where I continue to be at this time. I would recommend her as an excellent practitioner, based not on my knowledge of Chinese Medicine, but simply on my own personal results. C. Surrett, RN Roswell, GA

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Increased Mobility

I began seeing Kath Bartlett in July, 2010. I was barely able to walk up the stairs. I now walk upstairs effortlessly! [since September, 2010: 2 months later] Kath has made an enormous difference in the quality of my life. Even though I am not presently able to find work as a psychotherapist, I won’t give this woman up !!! Nicole Dollmann, LCSW Weaverville, NC

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Initial Visit

To begin treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) you will need to schedule an initial consultation with Kath Bartlett, MS, LAc to have your health condition assessed, make a TCM diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. The initial consultation begins with your medical history: inquiring about the symptoms regarding the chief complaint and continues on to review all the systems of the body and ‘shen’ (a Chinese word meaning ‘mind-spirit’). Bartlett will review pertinent medical records, including reports from previous doctors, x-rays, scans and lab results. While delving into the details of your state of heath and presenting symptoms, Bartlett will assess the life style issues of your emotional, work and family life, diet and exercise to see whether they play a role in your health condition.…

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Acupuncture for Management of Work-Related Stress and Anxiety

Guest Blogger: Kristen Danish, LAP It seems that stress has become an all too familiar work companion for most people.  Whether caused by work relationships, getting to and from work, or the work itself, stress shows up and the effects of it come in many forms. What is stress?   It’s a normal physiological response to the demands of life, the physical adaptation to deal with the impending dangers of the natural world.  It can help improve your chances of survival by increasing hormone levels, heart rate, breathing and mental awareness. Stress can even assist you to work and perform more effectively when needed for your job when the pressures on. Our bodies are designed to help us react to stressful events.  At the first sign of a…

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Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Water Snake

The Chinese lunar Year of the Water Snake began February 10th.  The Chinese New Year's Days are also called the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival lasts 10 days, the Snake Year lasts one lunar year (12 months) until Jan. 30, 2014.The Chinese lunar calendar began in 2697 BC when the Yellow Emperor (Huang Di) became king. The Yellow Emperor is important for Chinese medicine as he is credited for coalescing the Chinese medical knowledge at that time into one volume, The Yellow's Emperor's Classic (Huang Di Nei Jing) which lays out the basic theory of Chinese medicine. This volume is credited with being the world's oldest medical text. Chinese medical practitioners continue to study the this text today to gain a deeper understanding of the medicine.Wikipedia tells…

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Cancer Study Says Avoid Red Meat

This post comes from my colleague, Dr. Marty Eisen. A new study by the American Association for Cancer Research supports recommendations by the World Cancer Research Fund to limit red meat intake and avoid processes meats to reduce risk of digestive organ cancer.Dietary protein is made up of amino acids, which can be turned into "biogenicamines." Previous research has shown that the processing and storage of red meat, like liver and salami, increases amine concentrations. When these amines are in the presence of nitrites, they create "nitrosamines,"which have been linked to cancer. Moreover, the heme iron (found in red meat) may increase the formation of nitrosamines. A new study investigated whether people's DNA-repairing enzymes could limit the damage. A wide array of genetic variables were tested by using…

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Anti Cancer Effects of Maitake Mushroom

From my colleague Marty Eisen, LAc:Research by Hiroaki Nanba, Ph.D., a professor of microbial chemistry at Kobe Pharmaceutical University in Japan, shows that one powerful mushroom can be used to treat cancer. Dr. Nanba administered Maitake mushroom to cancer patients. The patients took no anticancer drugs. Yet the mushroom helped to halt the cancer’s progression. Memorial Sloan-Kettering is one of the world’s premier cancer centers. Their experts are also recognizing the anticancer effects of this mushroom. They’ve completed trials that show it helps breast cancer patients.  Researchers found that this mushroom had anti-tumor effects also enhances immune function. Maitake also contains a highly-concentrated cancer-fighting compound known as D-Fraction. According to a 2009 study published the Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology, Maitake D-Fraction activates cells that…

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Studies Show Acupuncture Improves Athletic Performance

Studies are beginning to confirm acupuncture's ability to improve athletic performance. One example is a study of basketball players published in 2009 in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine. The study of 30 male elite university basketball players were randomly assigned to 3 groups: acupuncture group, sham group, and a control group. The acupuncture group got real acupuncture on 2 commonly used acupuncture points (P6 and ST36). The sham group had needles placed 1 cm away from the actual point location. The control group had no acupuncture. The subjects rode an exercise bike until exhaustion, and were tested at various intervals before, during and after exercise for heart rate (HT), oxygen consumption (VO2max) and blood lactic acid.The acupuncture group had significantly lower heart rate, VO2max and blood…

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