Cancer Study Says Avoid Red Meat

This post comes from my colleague, Dr. Marty Eisen. A new study by the American Association for Cancer Research supports recommendations by the World Cancer Research Fund to limit red meat intake and avoid processes meats to reduce risk of digestive organ cancer.

Dietary protein is made up of amino acids, which can be turned into “biogenicamines.” Previous research has shown that the processing and storage of red meat, like liver and salami, increases amine concentrations. When these amines are in the presence of nitrites, they create “nitrosamines,”which have been linked to cancer. Moreover, the heme iron (found in red meat) may increase the formation of nitrosamines.

A new study investigated whether people’s DNA-repairing enzymes could limit the damage. A wide array of genetic variables were tested by using collected data from 355 bladder cancer cases and 409 controls. They found that the link between red meat and bladder cancer was significantly higher in people with a certain genetic makeup.

These results support recommendations by the World Cancer Research Fund to limit red meat intake, and to avoid processed meats to reduce risk for stomach and bowel cancer. It also suggests that exposure to red meat can affect secondary organs, like the bladder as well as the stomach and intestines. 

See –
Red Meat Linked to Another Type of Cancer
Two components of red meat combined with alteration in DNA repair increase risk for bladder cancer,” American Association for Cancer Research, October 17,2012.

In Chinese medicine, we see tumors as physical stagnations in the body. Qi (energy) must flow smoothly to preserve health. Emotions, such as depression or stress causes the body processes to slow down and tighten up. When this happens, qi does not move. Qi moves the body fluids and body. Qi stagnation causes blood and fluid stagnation. When blood and fluids coagulate, tumors form. 

Toxins, such as nitrosamines create heat and inflammation in the body. This interferes with the smooth flow of qi, blood and fluids, and hence tumors will form. 

In addition to avoiding know carcigens, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) recommends regular maintenance acupuncture treatments to keep the qi, body and fluids moving, as part of a preventative care routine. A monthly interval for these maintenance treatments is optimal, especially during periods of stress.