Experienced, Dedicated, & Effective

  • Pain is dramatically reduced on the first visit. Symptoms improve quickly. I practice a unique system of acupuncture called Richard Tan’s Balance Method. Immediate results are seen. *
  • I have a high clinical success rate and achieve long lasting results. My patients’ response rate is much higher than what acupuncture studies report.
  • I do not give up on difficult patients. If you are responding slowly I research and consult colleagues to learn new approaches to ensure you get well.
  • I take my time with you. I treat one patient at a time so that I devote my focused attention to you during your visit. 
  • At each treatment I thoroughly re-evaluate your condition, and modify the acupuncture and herbal therapies based on your treatment progress.  I do not rotely repeat protocols.
  • During the initial consultation I fully explain your diagnosis and treatment plan, how Chinese medicine can treat your condition, and how soon I expect you to improve.
  • I love what I do and offer superior patient care. I am committed to helping you regain your health and thrive

Body, Mind-Spirit Approach to Treatment

If you are interested, we can incorporate meditation techniques, yoga or qi gong exercises or pranayama (breathing techniques) into your treatment plan. I often do visualization or silent mantras during quiet moments of treatment, and while compounding customized herbal formulas.

The Doctor Patient Relationship is a Partnership in the Healing Journey

We work together in a teamwork approach to find a solution to relieve the suffering and pain you are experiencing. This often involves lifestyle or dietary modification so that the intention and details of your work and home life are aligned and supporting your healthcare goals and needs.

* Acupuncture is a therapy. A series of treatments is required.


I have been in solo, private practice since 2001. I have given thousands of treatments for hundreds of patients, like you.  I treat a wide range of conditions, including many patients who have had difficulty finding relief with conventional medicine. My colleagues respect my clinical knowledge and expertise and consult with me on difficult cases. I am an experienced and knowledgeable herbalist. I received a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and hold a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine by NCCAOM.


I am committed to ensuring your health and well being.  I am a tenacious practitioner and do not give up on difficult cases. Because I see only one patient at a time, you receive my complete, focused attention during your treatment. If you are responding slowly I will research to find new approaches so that I ensure you become well again.

I dedicate my daily meditation practice that all beings, especially my patients, experience happiness and be relieved of suffering and pain, and that I may be of benefit to all beings.


My clinical success rate is much higher than reported by acupuncture studies.  I practice a unique style of acupuncture called The Balance Method TM. For patients with pain, I expect to reduce the level of pain dramatically during your first treatment. One of the benefits of The Balance Method is fast symptom relief early on. This improvement is especially exemplified in pain treatment. Results are not only immediate, but also long lasting.

I stand behind my motto: at Bartlett Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, you will Regain Your Health, and Thrive.