NY Times: Throat Exercises Improve Sleep Apnea

No one likes having to use a CPAP machine, the loud breathing apparatus & mask sleep apnea suffers use to ensure they breath through the night. Sleep apnea is a difficult condition to treat.Anahad O'Conner reports in his NY Times Really? column that studies have shown 39% improvement in snoring and sleep quality as well as decreased neck circumference (+ risk factor) for sleep apnea sufferers who do throat exercises and play the didgeridoo (Australian musical instrument) that strengthen the airways. KB

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Want to Lose Weight? Get More Sleep

Want to lose weight? Include getting enough sleep into your diet and exercise plan say the studies. Too many of us don't get enough sleep, instead relying on (cups?, pots of?) coffee to get through the day. Lack of sleep causes lots of health problems: lower immunity (get sick easier), reduced ability to handle stress, decreased cognitive function, increased irritability - basically the body is too tired to function optimally. As Elizabeth Gilbert analogizes in Eat, Pray, Love (#22, p66) overworked soil needs a fallow season. Likewise the overworked body (which all of us stressed out Westerners have) needs rest. If we don't get it, we eat more (esp. carbs and sugar) to get the energy our bodies need, and hence gain weight. Studies cited in this…

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Insomnia Trick

Lately I have been listening to Deepak Chopak's Life After Death: The Burden of Proof on audio. It's a fascinating read (listen?) and intellectual journey. Chopak describes alternate realities as detailed by the Hindu risha's and vedics, using modern theories of quantum mechanics and cutting edge physics to back-up the ancient claims.It it, he briefly discusses karmic law. Early on he talks about the near death experience (NDE: about which he seems to have done quite a bit of research) and the common experience NDE's describe about the life review. Karmically, the life review goes backward beginning with the most recent event and working back to birth. He mentions an exercise that he preforms as part of his nightly routine whereas one reviews the past days activities…

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