Cellphone Drivers are as Dangerous as Drunks, Even With Hands-free Devices: NY Times article

We all know how erratically drivers drive when holding cellphones to their ears. But you may find these findings surprising, I certainly did. Tara Parker Pope, Wellness writer at the NY Times reports that researchers are showing that cellphone users drive as erratically and dangerously as drunk drivers. You may not be able to keep your cell phone driving habit for long: the National Safety Council is pushing for an all out cell phone ban in cars, likening the dangers to drunk driving and lack of safety belts. Like me, you might think hands free devices are OK, no different that having a conversation with a passenger. Nay say the researchers, hands free is just as distracting to the brain. Studies show less driving errors when talking to a friend or listening to an audio book or music than with hands free devices. KB