Clearing a Path for Lakshmi:Hindu goddess of Wealth, Abundance and Fertility

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, abundance and fertility. Indian homes and businesses all have images of Lakshmi visible. Indian women begin the day by sweeping the front entrance way of dirt and debris that will hinder Lakshmi from entering.

I spent the New Year in NYC (my place of residence btwn the years of 1988-1987). I stayed at a colleague’s apartment in Washington Heights, a Dominican neighborhood near the Cloisters. Victoria Koos is one of the top 3 acupuncturist’s in NYC for fertility. I was there taking care of her cats, Lakshmi & Bodhi (named after the Bodhisattvas). She has a beautiful apartment, feng shui’d and full of sunlight & spiritual energy.

Victoria has an interesting library, full of spiritual material. One of her books that i started reading is Susie Orman’s “Women and Money”. This is an interesting book focusing on women’s relationship with money. Susie dedicates her professional life to helping everyone achieve wealth & abundance in theirs.

Susie mentioned Lakshmi in this book, and the symbolic act of sweeping the path for her to enter.

This being New Year’s weekend, it got me thinking. Since I returned to Asheville 5 days ago, I’ve begun doing this at my home and office. It’s an auspicious start to the day. I’m thinking of getting a handmade broom with which to preform this daily ritual.

In the entrance hall of Victoria’s apartment she has a shelf upon which is placed a brass statue of White Tara, a Hindu goddess of compassion, healing & longevity. You must pass by her and acknowledge her presence upon entering her home.

It gave me the idea to place a brass statue of Lakshmi in the entry of my home. So 2 days ago I began googling to find one I like. KB