Qi, Meditation & Acupuncture

In Chinese medicine, the practitioner’s qi development is important to the acupuncture practice.In acupuncture, we are working with your body’s qi, or energy, which flows in a channel or vessel system. Qi is electric in nature: the metal needles conduct electricity. The practitioner’s qi flows through the needle to the patient. So when acupuncturists do practices such as tai qi, qi gong (qi work) yoga (a type of qi gong) and meditation, they are developing their qi. The practitioners’ qi (along with their knowledge and experience) has a direct relationship to the strength and effectiveness of the acupuncture treatment.
I began a regular yoga and meditation practice in the early 1990’s that continues to this day, though the style has changed. Patients do feel the fruition of my qi cultivation practice during their acupuncture treatments.

I also bring my love and compassion to the treatment room. I dedicate my practice to alleviating sickness and relieving suffering for my patients. I perform daily spiritual practices to increase my healing abilities, love and compassion, so to fulfill my sincere wish that all living beings be peaceful and happy and free from suffering and pain.

Personal Interests

In addition to yoga and meditation, I enjoy hiking with my dog, Dakota, organic, vegetarian cooking and living a holistic, environmentally responsible lifestyle. I am an avid NY Times reader, and a classic film buff. I am an intelligent person with a curious, analytical mind. I enjoy stimulating, provocative conversation on a variety of topics.

In my prior occupation I was engaged in wardrobe and costuming for Broadway, film and television in NYC and LA. I have become an adept seamstress through years worked in many costume houses. My Bachelor’s of Arts degree from UCLA was awarded in design.