Liver Detox Cleanse/Gallstone Flush

Periodically I get requests for liver detox cleanses and gallstone flushes. The detox cleanse is an idea in western holistic medicine, and is not a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) concept. However, with all the environmental toxins we are exposed to I wouldn’t say that the practice is contraindicated: in the correct situation may indeed be beneficial. A colleague has researched various flushes and recommends this one to his patients. I thought I would post it here for those who are interested in doing a liver flush, as I believe this one is rather safe. I do suggest consulting with an acupuncturist prior to commencing a flush. We can support you with herbs and acupuncture with to enhance the results of the detox process. Importantly, there are situations, particularly in a deficient patient (fatigue, pale complexion and other signs) where doing a flush would be harmful to what TCM calls rightous qi (your vital energy). A Licensed Acupuncturist can advise you whether the cleanse/flush would be appropriate or contra-indicated in your particular situation.

The springtime is liver season in TCM, so if a flush is appropriate for you, spring is an optimal time to do it.

Foods that benefit the liver, particularly in the spring, include dandelion greens, nettles, and circulating herbs and spices, such as coriander, cumin, mint (peppermint tea), ginger, garlic, onion and foods with a sour flavor, such as umeboshi plums (found in the macrobiotic section of the natural food store). KB

Here’s some comments from my colleague about this cleanse/flush:

. . . these kinds of detox protocols should be short-term (1-3 days) and supervised (at least the first time) and are not for everyone, although most replete/healthy people can handle it – and usually greatly benefit.
The one that I posted was originally created in Germany by a holistic physician and designed to take the place of cholecystectomy [gallbladder removal]. Over the years many people have used it with very god results for a host of (excess) inflammatory conditions and general detoxification. There have been no reports of adverse reactions to the best of my knowledge. . .
The biggest problem is when people try to leave things out and butcher up these kinds of protocols. For example, in this liver flush that I posted is it important to understand that it is critical NOT TO ALTER IT IN ANY WAY. Sometimes people like to leave things out the Epsom salt or change the grapefruit to orange juice, and/or not follow the dietary protocols. This (in addition to giving it to the wrong patient), is when harm can and usually will be done.


Ingredients :

4 tablespoons of Oral Epsom salts

1 tablespoon Vitamin C powder

½ cup virgin olive oil

1 large fresh grapefruit

2 glass jars with lids

16 oz. apple juice + beet juice

Drink as much water as you want

Procedure :

First day:

1. 9:00 am: Eat a breakfast of cooked porridge, no milk or butter; 8 ounces apple juice + beet juice; or a baked potato, no butter

2. 2:00 pm : Mix 4 tablespoons of oral Epsom salts and 1 Tbsp of Vitamin C powder

in 3 cups of cold water in one jar, and refrigerate

3. 3:00 pm : Have a warm water enema; rest

4. 6:00 pm : Drink ¾ cup of the cold Oral Epsom salts

5. 8:00 pm : Drink ¾ cup Oral Epsom salts

6. 9:45 pm : Pour ½ cup olive oil into the second jar; squeeze out ½ cup grapefruit juice

and add to the olive oil. Close the jar lid and shake hard until watery.

7. 10:00 pm : Drink the potion. Lie down immediately. Lie still on your back and go

to sleep.

Second day:

1. 9:00 am: Drink ¾ cup Epsom salts. Go back to bed.

2. 11:00 am : Drink ¾ cup Epsom salts. Go back to bed.

3. 1:00 pm : Get up and drink 8 ounces apple + beet juice. Read a book.

4. 2:00 pm : Eat a banana or an orange. Read another book.

5. 6:00 pm : Eat a light supper of salad and fruit; no meat

Many stones will be seen in the toilet upon the first bowel movement after a liver cleanse. It may take several cleanses over a period of months to clear all of them out from the liver.

Following a liver cleanse, it is useful to have several coffee enemas to pull further toxins that are stored in the liver. Use organic coffee beans, and about a quart of coffee each time, retained for ten minutes.

Replace intestinal bacteria by taking acidophilus and soil-based organisms (SBO) for a week after a liver cleanse. Repeat the liver cleanse spring and fall for maintenance.