Chemotherapy Symptoms Alleviated

When I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, post surgical results dictated a regiment of chemotherapy and radiation.  After searching on-line for information about my particular treatment, I discovered that acupuncture was endorsed by some of the leading cancer center institutes, including Duke University, Mayo Clinic, and Sloan-Kettering, for reducing many chemotherapy side effects.  I then researched the Asheville area for acupuncturists who treated cancer and chemotherapy side effects.  It did not take long for me to find a good one and enlist with the  Bartlett Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine practice.  With a scientific background, I was impressed with Dr. Bartlett’s resource website entry with studies, articles and useful blogs.  Her website and phone interview convinced me that this alternative medicine approach was a must try.

The treatments were amazing, both individualized and effective.  I combined them with prescribed vitamins, healthy dietary changes, exercise and meditation.  Dr. Bartlett also supported and continuously offered valuable advice in all these areas.
I believe that acupuncture helped to reduce many or perhaps even to eliminate some chemotherapy after effects. After the first chemotherapy cocktail, I experienced many of the common uncomfortable side effects. I also suffered from chronic headaches. After one session, my headache was gone. In fact, while being treated, the headache retreated.

Dr. Bartlett’s acupuncture treatments focused on lessening these side effects and I believe helped to alleviate the common symptoms of nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, constipation, diarrhea, restless sleep, muscle pain, chronic rhinitis or drippy nose, poor appetite, and peripheral neuropathy. As a result, most of the remaining post-chemotherapy side effects were minimal or absent, or towards the end of accumulative treatments, were good relative to other outcomes. Even though after each chemo session, as predicted, my energy level would continuously diminish, I believe that acupuncture helped me to feel better and to effectively get on with my life.

After reading studies and testimonials and after my own experience with the excellent treatment protocol of acupuncturist Dr. Bartlett, I believe that acupuncture is an important approach to helping the body’s ability to fight cancer and to help restore the normal cells targeted for destruction by the potent chemotherapy.