Complete Attention and Care

I am delighted to have found Dr. Bartlett as my acupuncturist and herbalist. While I have worked with other acupuncturist/herbalists in the past, as well as many other alternative care practitioners, I found Dr. Bartlett to be truly exceptional. She is thorough, she listens very well and she is clearly an expert Chinese Medicine Doctor. She has a rather “take charge” sort of approach, in a direct way that lets you know that she is offering something substantial and well thought out, while at the same time listening and adjusting for new information that I have offered session by session. I have felt totally cared for, as though no stone was to be left unturned. I have observed that she integrates well the seemingly divergent pieces of my various symptoms, which speaks to both her intensive training and her dedication to people. More than once in the course of my treatment Dr. Bartlett has offered me a particular protocol only to return with “one more idea” or procedure that makes a difference. This has let me know that she is not on auto-pilot, simply doing what she has become accustomed to, but rather that she is really thinking about me as an individual and continuously learning and growing. I would recommend her to my nearest and dearest.

Thanks for making me “all better” (nearly). It’s such a huge contribution to actually be able to be well naturally. Your contribution allows me to make mine, so we have mutual gratitude.