Sprained Ankle Recovery

This physical therapist came to me with a sprained ankle, due to a fall 2 weeks prior. She was experiencing stabbing pain and sharp twinges with movement.  Two days after the fall she received a treatment from a first year acupuncturist, crano-somatic therapy, & therapeutic exercise for strength and range of motion, providing some improvement. However, she was still using an ankle wrap and was limping due to the pain, level 4-5 (1-10 scale). I gave her 1 treatment for the ankle and a mild, stress induced headache. Both improved after the treatment, and she was able to walk with minimal to no pain. 10 days later she emailed me:
Hi Dr. Bartlett . . . Just want to thank you again for the acupuncture treatment. My ankle was better that night and contined to improve over the next couple of days (which I attribute to the treatment).Now it’s almost back to normal! My headache was completely gone the next day.

Here’s a video of her treatment