Steady Progress

Dear Dr. Bartlett,
When you spoke to our High Vista Women’s Club and had one of your patients tell of her success with acupuncture, as well as demonstrating the small, painless needles you use, I knew there was hope for my medical problems. Heartburn, bloating, inner ear sensitivity (particularly to wind and cold weather) and ear aches, and lower back pain all beleaguered me.
With your patience, as you questioned me regarding these ailments, you mixed herbs for me to co-ordinate with my acupuncture sessions. My personal formula was upgraded as my needs changed. My progress, and thus my daily state of mind, improved steadily, and now I am on a maintenance schedule.
Thank You for being a caring, knowledgeable professional. I will continue to pass you name on to friends and acquaintances who could also benefit from your fine services. You have made my “quality of life” exciting and pleasurable.

. . How I treasured my time with you in your office! It was my “release” time!