The Dalai Lama Provdes Inspiration on Overcoming Adversity

Today’s contemplation from the Dalai Lama (January 22 The Path To Tranquility: Daily Wisdom) has to do with overcoming adversity. He mentions that he counsels his countrymen that they were born in the darkest of ages. Truly in Tibet’s history this is true, with the Chinese taking over and destroying Tibetan culture.

But, he says to remember that in despair there is the opportunity to overcome. Adversity is a time to tests one’s mettle, one’s will & drive, one’s strength of character. And through this opportunity there is the dawn of hope. From this viewpoint, he says we are fortunate. Fortunate to have the skills and abilities to overcome the adversity we face.

In reflecting, honestly my first thought was, “Wow”.

The Dalai Lama is emphasizing here the importance of having a positive attitude. Positive attitude is the first step in overcoming. One must have the belief and confidence that one has the inner strength and ability to overcome in order to muster that strength to get the ball rolling to overcome. This is the survivors attitude. Chin up, don’t give up, forge on. This is what one must do in order to move forward.

I am currently reading the Dalai Lama’s The Art of Happiness. Positive attitude is the pathway to happiness.

Today, reading these words, I thought that his message is particularly poignant given the state of our economy. It’s an inspiring contemplation on how to navigate through difficult times. No one is immune to this recession yet we will get though it together by utilizing our inner strength. This is Obama’s message to the country.

So, though facing adversity, such as these economic times, is frightening it is by drawing on our inner strength that we will find the tools to get through and soldier forth to more prosperous times ahead.

Right now, we all have to do a little belt tightening and re-prioritizing. But after the excesses of the past few years, it’s appropriate that we reassess and decide what is truly important in our lives. This is a time to chart a new course according to our values and priorities.

Though the decisions may not be easy, and we may have to swallow a few bitter pills in the process, we will come out on the other side stronger for the journey taken. KB