Alzheimer's: Avoid Red Meat, Rich, High-Fat Foods

Eating a low fat diet with lots fresh fruits and veggies is basic for building a healthy body. A familiar ’70’s mantra is “You are what you eat”. The body requires fresh, vitamin rich foods to build strong blood. The nutrition from blood is used to create your body’s energy: Qi in Chinese medicine speak. Strong qi and blood are needed for the cells, organs and systems such as immune function, digestion, brain, lungs, cardiovascular, renal (kidney) and so on to be healthy and preform all its vital functions.

So it is not surprising that the NY Times reported in April about a recent study showing seniors with a diet rich in fresh vegetables, nuts, light meats such as fish and poultry are at lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease than those eating high fat, dairy & red meats. The brain is dependent on blood: nutrient rich blood is vital for it’s function.

In Chinese medicine, we see that health later in life is a result of how one has led one’s life. The western ‘go, go, go’ lifestyle, poor diet, high stress, inadequate sleep all lead to problems later in life when the body begins to age and degrade. One may be able to get by in younger years while abusing one’s body with a fast paced, stressful lifestyle, but the price will be paid later on. Therefore, we advocate moderation in all respects of diet & lifestyle.

In this blog i emphasize correct diet and quiet lifestyle and provide direction in achieving this aim. it is difficult in modern times to get off the rat wheel. motivation plays a large role. when evaluating one’s life, health is paramount, yet generally taken for granted. One must cultivate the gift of health, take care of the vessel, the body that was given at birth, because without it one cannot enjoy one’s life nor achieve one’s goals. KB