FDA Warns Drug Co's About Misleading & False Advertising

Several years ago i began noticing a trend where new patients were looking to Chinese medicine to avoid side effects of drug treatments. The FDA at that time began requiring that the drug co’s list drug risk and side effects in advertisements. since then, it’s become apparent to the public how numerous the potential negative side effects and risks of pharmaceutical drugs are. Now almost all of my new patients cite drug side effects as a top reason for not wanting to proceed with a western medical approach to treatment and for their reason for coming to see me instead.

the drug co’s don’t want to list the potential risks and side effects of their drugs for obvious reasons: it tarnishes the brand. so they avoid doing so.

according to this report on NaturalNews.com the FDA has sent out warning letters to 4 drug cos about violating the rules, and engaging in false and misleading advertising. Actually, the FDA has been sending out a lot of warning letters about these issues.

when Chinese medicine first came on the scene, one of the first questions the medical establishment in this country wanted answered was “Is it safe?”, and the early studies were preformed as much to ensure public safety as they were to show efficacy. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) passed the safety standard with flying colors, and i don’t believe safety is even a question in people’s minds anymore. i think the top questions now are “Does it hurt?” and “Is it effective? (Does it work?)”

the FAQs page of my website: AcupunctureAsheville.com answers all of the preliminary questions, and more. The resources page contains articles & studies discussing effectiveness of treatment of specific conditions on the Treatable Conditions List, and this blog has many studies about efficacy of Chinese medicine.