Study Shows Qi Gong Effective for Cancer Patients

A recent study published in Annals of Oncology shows that medical Qi Gong improves the quality of life, mood and inflammation in cancer patients.

There is no definition given for medical (vs non-medical?) Qi Gong, but I understand that the patients in the study practiced 2x/week with an instructor and were asked to do additional practice at home between classes. If you are interested in taking qi gong classes with a teacher be sure to tell the instructor about your disease and purpose for learning qi gong so that more specific instruction can be tailored to your needs. In fact, a private or series of private lessons, interspersed with group lessons might be optimal. If for whatever reason working with an instructor in person is not an option for you, then look for a Qi Gong DVD.

Qi Gong is meditation exercises, preformed slowly in repetition, designed to build, cultivate and move one’s qi. The term ‘qi gong’ literally translates as qi work. Just as acupuncture circulates one’s qi, so do these relaxing exercises. Qi gong builds qi, eliminating fatigue. The meditative quality of the exercises hones, focuses and calms the mind. All cancer patients are under a tremendous amount of stress and can thus benefit from these gentle exercises. KB