Vinegar & Acids Help Lower Blood Sugar

The "Really?" column in today's Science Times (NY Times) reports on studies showing that including vinegar in a meal will help lower blood sugar. One Italian studies showed including vinegar as salad dressing with a meal that includes bread and other carbs will reduce blood sugar by 30%. The results were verified in another study by the American Diabetes Association. You can check the results yourself by eating 2 identical carb meals. With one, add 2 teaspoons vinegar with the other do not use vinegar. Check your blood sugar after each meal, and see if there's a drop in the meal eaten with vinegar.The author's of the ADA study concluded that: The data indicates that vinegar can significantly improve postprandial insulin sensitivity in insulin-resistant subjects. Acetic acid…

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Chinese Medicine for Cold and Flu Prevention

I've been getting questions about flu vaccines and Chinese herbs for flu.The decision to vaccinate is a personal one. One must weigh the risks of side effects from the vaccine against the risk of contracting the flu. For those who are weak, frail or immune deficient there is a stronger argument to vaccinate. Those who are healthy and could mount a strong defense against the flu might want to forgo the vaccine and the risk of side effects incurred.Chinese medicine can support you in 2 ways:Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can strengthen your overall health and immune function, better preparing you to ward off an attack.Chinese medicine can treat the flu symptoms should you contract it. Patients are generally pleased, even amazed by the results of acupuncture and…

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Common Cold Remedy

Dr. Tan, with whom I study, recommends this implausible remedy for common cold. I'm assured it is effective. You must do it early, when you first notice symptoms:1 clove garlic1 lemon, juiced1 shot hard alcoholYou eat the clove of garlic, mix the lemon juice into a glass of water and drink it and the shot of alcohol. You can do this in any order, but you might want to do the garlic first, and follow it with the lemon water. Or you could chop the garlic into small pieces, and then swallow it like a pill using the lemon water. Go directly to bed, and when you wake the cold symptoms should be relieved or gone. You must do this in the early stage.This NY Times Really?…

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Cinnamon Oil is Antiseptic

  Here's an interesting one: essential oils have antiseptic properties and have such medical uses as hand cleaners in physicians offices to preventing post surgical infections (rather than antibiotics) in hospitals. Intrigued, I googled around on the subject and found a few additional recipes to the Thieves Oil discussed in the Time's article. I made one up using lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus and tea tree oils (12 drops or so each/ 4oz of water in a mister bottle) that I use as a hand sanitizer in my clinic. The one I made also seems to be keeping the ants out of the kitchen. I mist the counters with the spray. Last year someone some recommended cinnamon for ants, so i got a few 12" sticks and placed them…

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Studies Show Chinese Herbs as Effective or Better than Drugs for Endometriosis with Fewer Side Effects

Endometriosis is a condition where endometrial tissue, which normally lines a woman's uterus, is found outside of the uterus. This tissue can grow and shed during a menstrual cycle and cause pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, and infertility. "Medical treatment of endometriosis ranges from symptomatic management with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics to hormonal manipulations that include continual oral contraceptives, progestins, danazol, and gonadotrophin-releasing hormone agonists. However [according to the below study], the benefits are short lived, and symptoms often return to pretreatment levels within six months. Under the best of circumstances, more than a third of patients have symptom recurrence within two or three years after stopping therapy."Symptoms of endometriosis have been treated with Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Treatment involving herbal medicine, acupuncture, and dietary…

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Chinese Medicine Explained in Video

A couple of lovely young ladies who are recent grads from my acupuncture college, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) and now fellow North Carolinians have put together this thoughtfully written & produced video, called School Me, to explain about Chinese Medicine's history & theory, including herbal medicine, and the educational level of a Licensed Acupuncturist. It's a 30min video, but I'm sure those interested in learning more about the topic will find it complete and interesting. KB

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Natural Gatorade (Electrolyte Replacement Drink)

I found this recipe a while back on the WHO website & have recently run across it again in my files. The recipe is for an electrolyte replacement beverage that could be used instead of Gatorade. This one is not neon & obviously is safer.Electrolyte replacement is necessary after extreme fluid loss, such as after a bout of diarrhea or vomiting. Athletes drink Gatorade due to the electrolyte loss through perspiration.3/4 t sea salt1/2 t backing soda4 t cream of tarter (or eat 2 bananas for potassium)1T sugar1 liter of wateroptional: 1T orange juice or 2t lemon juice

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Castor Oil Packs

I've recently been researching Castor oil packs. Many holistic practitioners recommend them, and they have some intriguing uses. Castor oil comes from the Castor bean. It's use was popularized by early new-ager, psychic and medical intuitive, Edgar Cayce. You might find wikipedia's entry on him of interest: . From the point of view of Chinese Medicine, Castor oil seems to have the ability to move Qi, Blood and Phelgm (congealed fluids). This is seen by the claims to dissolve tumors and nodules and to improve Liver function, including treating cirrhosis.Uses include bursitis/arthritis/joint pain, improving digestion/constipation, treating the liver/gallbladder, including cirrhosis and hepatitis, reducing menstrual cramping and dissolving tumours and nodules. I've seen claims of improving sleep/insomnia and relaxing facial wrinkles. You can find Castor oil in…

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Kidney Stone Flush, Colon & Parasite Cleanse/Flush

Here are 3 more cleanse/flushes for kidney stones, parasites and the colon. In Chinese medicine cleanses/flushes utilizes the purging technique in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbology. Purges are only to be used for robust patients with excess conditions, and are contra-indicated for deficiency (fatigue, pale complexion and other signs). Please consult with a TCM practitioner prior to commencing a flush/cleanse to be certain it is an appropriate technique to use with your constitution. See comments about this issue included with the comments about the liver cleanse in the previous post. KB KIDNEY CLEANSE ¼ cup dried Hydrangea root ¼ cup Gravel root ¼ cup Marshmallow root Black cherry concentrate 4 bunches of fresh parsley Goldenrod capsules or herb Vegetable glycerine Ginger capsules Uva Ursi capsules Vitamin B…

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Liver Detox Cleanse/Gallstone Flush

Periodically I get requests for liver detox cleanses and gallstone flushes. The detox cleanse is an idea in western holistic medicine, and is not a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) concept. However, with all the environmental toxins we are exposed to I wouldn't say that the practice is contraindicated: in the correct situation may indeed be beneficial. A colleague has researched various flushes and recommends this one to his patients. I thought I would post it here for those who are interested in doing a liver flush, as I believe this one is rather safe. I do suggest consulting with an acupuncturist prior to commencing a flush. We can support you with herbs and acupuncture with to enhance the results of the detox process. Importantly, there are situations,…

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