Your Spirit is a Powerful Contributor to the Field of Health Care

Hi Dr. Bartlett, . . . You have a lot of caring in you ... and thus a lot of healing. . . . My sense is that your style of communication and work is collaborative and nourishing to the community. . . . I admire the spirit with which you come to your work and the humility and courage that you have in openly engaging the pathway and the people you find along your pathway. . . . I can verify that I feel your spirit is a powerful contributor to the field of health care in America.

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Dr. Bartlett Opened My Eyes to Eastern Medicine and its Incredible Results

I have had the privilege of Dr. Bartlett's friendship since 1997 when she moved to San Diego to attend the PCOM. Since that time I have watched her study, absorb, and truly live all things holistic. Medical expertise seems to come easily to Dr. Bartlett -- even early in her career, she quickly and successfully treated every ailment I brought to her with holistic remedies... without exception. Dr. Bartlett opened my eyes to Eastern medicine and the incredible results I could achieve with holistic treatment. Dr. Bartlett now has a wide range of experiences as a health care provider, and many years of study and research to guide her. She is a caring and honest individual who really does make a difference in peoples' lives.

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Passion and Skill

I've known Dr. Bartlett for 29 years, have lived with her on both U.S. coasts, and have followed her through various career and life stages. Whatever endeavor she undertakes, Dr. Bartlett does so with a great deal of passion and skill. After a very successful career in costume design, she embarked on a mission to teach, write about, and practice acupuncture and Chinese medicine, becoming an expert in her field and a highly successful acupuncturist in private practice. Dr. Bartlett brings a great deal of compassion, honesty and humor to everything she does. I am proud of and enjoy our longstanding friendship.

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Back Pain Subsides

This patient came to see me after he fell and sprained his lower back during a visit to Asheville from Michigan. He was concerned about sitting in the car for the 2 day drive back. I gave him 2 acupuncture treatments before he left. Hi Dr. Bartlett, We made it home yesterday afternoon. We drove approx. 8 hours on Sunday and 5 hours on Monday. And, considering how I felt last week before I saw you, it really went quite well. I think the combination of acupuncture treatments, plus the heated seats in my car, really improved my back. Thanks very much for your help...I'm not sure I could have made it home without the treatments. This patient also suffered burning pain in his stomach for 2…

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Asking the Tough Questions

Thank you for sending this out and for your continuing contributions and input to this [PCOM] alumni email group. I really think that you are an asset to this profession and this group by your asking the tough questions, being involved and adding to conversations where you can. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your level of commitment and really raise the bar!

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A Knowledgeable Resource

I know Dr. Bartlett through a professional online resource for acupuncturists. I have observed that Dr. Bartlett has very good clinical orientation toward patient care and has helped many other acupuncturists with thoughtful ideas for consideration. I would recommend her as both clinician and knowledgeable resource on natural healthcare.

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Needed in the Medical Profession

Dear Kath, I have a spiritual background and my intuition is that you have an excellent orientation as a health practitioner. Your priority of wanting to do whatever you can to help in people's healing and take out extra time to do so, is uncommon, in my experience. In other words, you are a selfless person, looking to assist others first. This is exactly the disposition that is needed in the medical profession and one that supports healing in general.

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Healthy Glow

Hey Dr. Bartlett, I have had several people tell me how good I look this morning. Specifically that I have such a healthy glow, questions about have I been tanning, etc. I told the ones who commented that I have been having acupuncture and apparently it has my stagnated blood moving around. Thanks for your help!

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Recovered With Herbs

. . . I had flu-like symptoms that you totally lifted away. And as my fever tried to come back, the raw herbs helped me to completely recover. I had a great first experience with acupuncture. . . Thank you for making me feel better. I’ll see you in the future.

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