Long Term Patient

I have been a patient of Dr. Bartlett’s for more that 5 years.  During that time she has treated me for several running-related injuries.  As an avid runner I have experimented with all types of treatments for tendonitis, primarily Achilles and Plantar Facaitis.  Once I accepted that I was injured (hard for a runner to do) and recognized that self-help treatments were not sufficient, I first sought the counsel of main stream medical practitioners.  None were successful and I contacted Kath for appointment.  The resulting visits to her office have been professional, informative and SUCCESSFUL!  Specifically, Dr. Bartlett has listened patiently, addressed my concerns and recommended treatments.  I was impressed with her grasp of sports injuries and her methodologies, while foreign to some appear based on sound research…

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Chemotherapy Symptoms Alleviated

When I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, post surgical results dictated a regiment of chemotherapy and radiation.  After searching on-line for information about my particular treatment, I discovered that acupuncture was endorsed by some of the leading cancer center institutes, including Duke University, Mayo Clinic, and Sloan-Kettering, for reducing many chemotherapy side effects.  I then researched the Asheville area for acupuncturists who treated cancer and chemotherapy side effects.  It did not take long for me to find a good one and enlist with the  Bartlett Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine practice.  With a scientific background, I was impressed with Dr. Bartlett’s resource website entry with studies, articles and useful blogs.  Her website and phone interview convinced me that this alternative medicine approach was a must try. The treatments…

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Shingles Pain Eliminated

I came to see Dr. Bartlett at Bartlett Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine with some rather significant health issues as well as suffering severe pain from a bout of the Shingles. Dr. Bartlett's ability as an Acupuncturist is truly amazing. The shingles pain was virtually eliminated immediately during the first minutes of the first treatment. Though some of the pain crept back over the course of the day, subsequent visits were able to relieve the pain for good as well as address the underlying nerve inflammation caused by the shingles virus. Further Dr. Bartlett was able to put together a mix of Chinese Herbs, which I took over the course of the next several weeks, which helped tremendously in the strengthening and revitalizing of my immune system. This…

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I was treated by Dr. Bartlett for an extended illness that had put me out of work for 1.5 yrs. Prior, I had been seen by Infectious Disease, Oncology, Pulmonology, Ortho and General Practitioners. In one month, Dr. Bartlett managed to get me back on my feet, literally, and back to work, where I continue to be at this time. I would recommend her as an excellent practitioner, based not on my knowledge of Chinese Medicine, but simply on my own personal results. I remember in the beginning... when I was pretty skeptical.... and then when my conditions improved I felt as though I had found an answer... to all of the problems that the docs hadn't been able to fix!

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Complete Attention and Care

I am delighted to have found Dr. Bartlett as my acupuncturist and herbalist. While I have worked with other acupuncturist/herbalists in the past, as well as many other alternative care practitioners, I found Dr. Bartlett to be truly exceptional. She is thorough, she listens very well and she is clearly an expert Chinese Medicine Doctor. She has a rather “take charge” sort of approach, in a direct way that lets you know that she is offering something substantial and well thought out, while at the same time listening and adjusting for new information that I have offered session by session. I have felt totally cared for, as though no stone was to be left unturned. I have observed that she integrates well the seemingly divergent pieces of…

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