Success with an Herbal Formula

This is from a colleague who contacted me about an acute stomach flu, desperately looking for help: I got suddenly & violently ill last night - I'm doing much better today. My husband has a final exam in 4 days so I don’t want to pass this on to him. Her main symptoms were simultaneous vomiting & diarrhea (sudden turmoil disorder) “Several hours of misery followed” + severe chills and burning pain in the stomach, esophagus and throat. I recommended an herbal formula she might have on hand. :) I think you may be our hero. I found my bottle of the sudden turmoil formula you suggested. When my husband started feeling an odd stomach pressure last night we gave him a dose. he said things settled…

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Avoided Surgery

. . . prior to seeking acupuncture and liniment regime, traditional doctors insisted surgery was the only way I could see relief from the back pain. Thus far, I have avoided that plan of treatment.

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Happier and Healthier

Thanks Dr. Bartlett! Thanks so much for helping me. I'm making so many life changes at once. You're the core at ensuring that I can handle it all and come out on the other side happier and healthier. I trust in all of your expertise and think you're a pretty cool chick on top of all that! . . . I think you’re awesome and don’t mind telling the world :)

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Steady Progress

Dear Dr. Bartlett, When you spoke to our High Vista Women’s Club and had one of your patients tell of her success with acupuncture, as well as demonstrating the small, painless needles you use, I knew there was hope for my medical problems. Heartburn, bloating, inner ear sensitivity (particularly to wind and cold weather) and ear aches, and lower back pain all beleaguered me. With your patience, as you questioned me regarding these ailments, you mixed herbs for me to co-ordinate with my acupuncture sessions. My personal formula was upgraded as my needs changed. My progress, and thus my daily state of mind, improved steadily, and now I am on a maintenance schedule. Thank You for being a caring, knowledgeable professional. I will continue to pass you…

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Emotional Health

Thank you for your help. I believe the acupuncture and herbs helped get me back on track to better health. At least I feel I’m in a better place to handle my emotions from these most recent blows: loss of job and my beloved, long time friend . . . my cat . . . Thanks again for your help in getting me to a better place to be able to handle these curves.

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Relief for Eyes

Hi Dr. Bartlett, Just wanted to reiterate how delighted I am to have met you. I feel so confident in your abilities that I know we will get the results we seek. It was inspiring to spend time with you. After just two doses of the herbal formula, I can see a change in both my eyes, and the way that I feel in general. My eye is less red and almost without pain, and I feel more energized and more positive. Some of this may be because I am so relieved to have found you!! Thank you and all the best!

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Sprained Ankle Recovery

This physical therapist came to me with a sprained ankle, due to a fall 2 weeks prior. She was experiencing stabbing pain and sharp twinges with movement.  Two days after the fall she received a treatment from a first year acupuncturist, crano-somatic therapy, & therapeutic exercise for strength and range of motion, providing some improvement. However, she was still using an ankle wrap and was limping due to the pain, level 4-5 (1-10 scale). I gave her 1 treatment for the ankle and a mild, stress induced headache. Both improved after the treatment, and she was able to walk with minimal to no pain. 10 days later she emailed me: Hi Dr. Bartlett . . . Just want to thank you again for the acupuncture treatment. My…

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Quick Pain Relief

Thank you for all you've done for my pain. I really appreciate you and your amazing wealth of knowledge in your profession. Pain level is about a 1 or 2 (1-10 scale) [after 2 treatments] . I'm doing much better and plan on going to Mexico on Saturday. Yeah! . . . I'll surely be seeing you again and recommending you to my friends! I'll want to get more of that liniment from you soon, too. I love it!

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Cyst Disappears

Hi Dr. Bartlett, I had an appointment with Dr LeBlanc yesterday and a<strong> follow-up ultrasound and the cyst on my right ovary is gone</strong>, in addition, the small fibroid in my uterus is a little smaller. . . I appreciate your time and care. Thanks.

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Now Walking

I began seeing Dr. Bartlett in July, 2010. I was barely able to walk up the stairs. I now walk upstairs effortlessly! [since September, 2010: 2 months later] Dr. Bartlett has made an enormous difference in the quality of my life. Even though I am not presently able to find work as a psychotherapist, I won’t give this woman up !!!

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